Thursday, February 16, 2006

Website of the Day: SustainLane

I came across a new-to-me website today that I thought y’all might like to check out: SustainLane. From their mission statement: “SustainLane is the first on-line media company dedicated to identifying, educating, and connecting cities, residents, and businesses striving to create a healthier and more sustainable life.” The focus seems to be on helping people braid together their compatible concerns about ecology, holistic health, and social responsibility, which to me is the essence of conscientious living. There are links to useful resources and interesting articles to be found.

The site also demonstrates something I've been noticing lately, that marketing people have developed what I will call the eco-conscious-chic-lifestyle aesthetic, found mostly in places like the late Organic Style magazine and the Gaiam catalogue (see pictures above). Think lots of bright light, simple cotton clothes, and glowing yoga bodies eating carrots with the greens still on. I love and hate this aesthetic. I'd love to live in a spa-like apartment with a charming little organic garden on my roof, my perpetually serene brow and gentle smile glowing through perfect 8-glasses-of-water-d-day skin. But alas...

Anyway, I digress. The site is full of good content, too, with articles on topics like: green restaurants, how to get your mercury levels tested, green renovation, healthy food for your pets, how to get started meditating, and picking an eco-conscious hotel. I’ve been researching green investing lately, (not that I have millions to invest right now, but you know, there’s hope for the future) and found some good resources here for that, too.

So check it out, share what you find with the people you know, and remember to take one action, however large or small, every day toward living more sustainably.

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Anne said...

I totaly agree! It's a great site, and has that whole eco chic thing down pat. I especially liked the article on the Naked Lady Clothing Exchange ( because talk about a cheap way to make over your closet, and I'm all for that! The diaper article is great too because it totaly favors reusables, and my sister is pregnant and going back and forth about whether she's giong to go with disposable or cotton diapers, so I sent her the article (

Anyways, thanks for the heads up!