Sunday, February 12, 2006

Winter Arrives Overnight

After a whole winter free from snow or cold weather, all of a sudden it came all at once. There wasn't even an inch on the ground when we arrived home after midnight last night. But when we woke up today, 2 feet of new snow had fallen, and it hasn't let up yet. We heard on WNYC that at one point the snow was falling at a rate of 10 inches per hour (!!) with three- to four-foot drifts, and it is the second-heaviest fall of snow in NY recorded history. Dad said they didn't get as much up in New Hampshire, but that by Thursday the temperature is supposed to be in the 40s again. This sure has been the winter of extremes.

Most reasonable people are snuggling in their apartments or having fun romping about in the snowdrifts today. But not us. This morning Jae got up, put on his winter boots with glee, and tromped outside to dig the car out of a huge snowbank. When I came down a little bit later, he and our super Giovanni were up to their knees in snow digging with shovels to free our vehicle. I suggested we take the subway, but Jae was determined we'd drive. I think he just wanted to see if he could get our old little Saturn out! And eventually he did, rocking it back and forth and thanking goodness for front wheel drive. I guess nothing gets between a man and a challenge involving his car.
The journey through Brooklyn was amazing, like driving through an urban snow globe. I took some pictures along the way with my cell phone (click here for slideshow). Because the sidewalks are totally buried, people walked in the streets, bundled in coats and hats, carrying groceries or shovels or sleds. Some were on cross-country skis shushing down the street, which is something I really want to do here someday. Some people pushed strollers and I half expected to see one of them with snow chains on the tires. Everyone was smiling, probably glad it's Sunday and not Monday!

We drove very slowly and carefully and it took quite a while, but we made it to the shop. Along the way we noticed that some other businesses are also open today, but many are closed. We arrived an hour late and double-parked across the street along with a few other cars because there are no parking spaces, and even if there was one we'd have to dig it out. Rena was already open at Rare Device next door, and Sergio and the gang were open at Vespa, the hair salon on the other side of us. The sushi delivery guy at Kiku must be annoyed by the snow since his scooter doesn't seem to like the weather. I feel bad for all these delivery guys and hope people who order in today give really good tips.

I doubt we'll get many customers today, but we have lots of other things to do so it's just as well that we're here. I just hope we are able to get out at the end of the day and find someplace to put the car when we get back home! Why was it we didn't we take the subway...? Oh yes, the man and his car... Well, at least I got some pictures!

Happy Snowy Day!

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Anonymous said...

I moved to Maine for snow like you guys just had..we got a paltry 6 inches or so up in Monroe...pretty and all, but barely enough to get out the skis. The pictures of the city streets are wonderful...a pure white blanket can't help but give the city a gentler feel. Greg