Thursday, October 26, 2006

Greenjeans' Holiday Card Project

Greenjeans is excited to announce its new annual Holiday Card Project to benefit charity!

This year more than 20 artists are donating their time and creative efforts to make unique holiday cards by hand. We are donating the 100% recycled plain paper card stock and envelopes. The cards will be available exclusively at Greenjeans starting in mid-November and will sell for around $3.50 each.

Every year we will select a different charity to support. This year all proceeds from the sale of the cards (= the entire selling price) will go to Millennium Villages, a program that invests in health, food production, education, clean water, and infrastructure to help impoverished villages help themselves to escape extreme poverty. This program is overseen by Jeffrey Sachs' magnanimous anti-poverty nonprofit Millennium Promise. We support this organization's efforts and believe they are doing great work that can make a real impact in the world.

The card pictured here is the first to arrive! Made by Regan Grusy and Anders Bergstrom, the image was taken by Anders outside of their loft in Bushwick, Brooklyn (not an uncommon sight for us Bushwickians...!). The text is printed inside. I will post images of the other cards as they come in.

So come buy your holiday cards from Greenjeans and help support a worthy charity! And many thanks to all the participating artists!

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