Thursday, December 28, 2006

Greenjeans in World Changing

Many thanks to World Changing's New York editor Emily Gertz for this wonderful recent article about Greenjeans and our holiday card project, ("Millennium Goals Get a Boost from a Brooklyn Business")! (So busy we were that we just saw it yesterday...) No one has ever written so well about our ideas and business model, and we really appreciate it!

We met Emily a few weeks after we opened in March '05, and knew right away we'd met a kindred spirit. Lots has happened since then. World Changing has launched a fantastic book (that we hope to offer soon at Greenjeans) and has grown so much that it offers local editions now.

Thanks to my blog writing, I've earned a spot on the roster too! Starting in January, I am going to be blogging 2x/month for World Changing, posting about conscientious business practices and sustainability and such. I'm psyched!

Thank you for the opportunity to write, and for the great article, Emily!

photo by Emily Gertz for World Changing

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S-JY said...

Congrats, guys, and happy holidays! Hope to cross paths again in the new year.