Saturday, December 02, 2006

Decking the Halls, & New Items (including candles!)

Tonight we stayed very late at Greenjeans. We rearranged the shop, put out a bunch of new items, and stored things that needed a break. And we re-hung the gorgeous ornaments we have in the window so they’re more visible. Jae and I are in full game mode and want to be hitting the ground running into the holiday season.

Now, well past midnight, we’re home yet still at work. We’re tired, but it’s a great tired. We’re upbeat and happy. Maybe we’re nuts, but we agree that our job rocks and we wouldn’t want to do anything else!

I haven’t had much time or attention for writing essays lately, though those will surely return in the New Year. My mind is on shop keeping. Until the holidays are over, we’re keeping the shop open 7 days a week and staying late Friday and Saturday nights. At home, where I do most of my writing, the dishes often will sit undone over the next few weeks, the laundry probably won’t get put away, and the momentum we’d gathered cooking at home likely will be lost. We’ll try to remember to get enough rest and eat good food and take breaks once in a while, for we always aspire to sustainability. And only when the shopping is done and we’re home with our families on Christmas Day will we allow ourselves to take note of how tired out we are! And then we will rest for a few days. And then, replenished, we’ll open again and welcome in the New Year. (Can anyone believe the year’s almost over?? Yeesh.)

Here are some pictures from tonight. Happy December!

New artisan Jason Thompson makes beautiful candles that are all about light and color. They're unscented and burn very long. The designs on the front are made by dropping colored wax into the candle form, allowing chance to dictate the (always great-looking) results.

Jason's smaller candles are emblazoned with phrases from the sweet ("i'm with you") to the irreverent ("YOU ROCK!")

We have new sets of saki cups/mini vases by John Zentner, including these three snow white wood-fired examples.

New temoku crockery by John Zentner from the first firing of his newly rebuilt kiln.

A drawing by Timothy Johnson displayed with tea bowls by Kit Cornell.

Frank Ridley's ever-popular Red Baron flies high over the desk.

Jane Kaufmann's Snowman finger puppet seems to be double-fisting the eggnog already. Glassware by Matt Eskuche.

New shawls and scarves by Brookyn weaver Susan Weltman.

A new batch of chenille Heart Bunnies and infant-friendly sheep and elephants (made from recycled sweaters) await new homes.

And remember to come check out our artisan-made holiday cards. Most are one-of-a-kind and 100% of the selling price goes to charity.

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