Monday, February 12, 2007

Craft on the Streets (and the catwalks, and the rails...)

Monday being our weekend, today we were officially closed. But Jae was at Greenjeans organizing and doing accounting all afternoon, and I was home writing for a new freelance project. Day off schmay moff.

I also got a chance to catch up on my blog reading. Besides having it reinforced to me that Garth Johnson's "Extreme Craft" [link] is one of the coolest blogs ever... (does that make me sound like a total craft nerd?)... I found these three wonderful things in another one of my favorites, Craft: magazine's blog [link]. I love the publicness of this craftly work, and the inherent anarchistic anachronism of it (what a funly bad sentence!).

Also, a reminder that the first Greenjeans Auction [link] is now underway, so check it out, too...

Good stuff!

Fashion designer Benjamin Cho gives new meaning to the word knit dress with his Fall 2007 runway show in NYC last week. I love the make-up, too. [Link]

On the 15th of every month, Michael Swaine sets up shop in San Francisco's Tenderloin District. Pushing a homemade cart mounted with a treadle-operated sewing machine, Swaine offers his services as a street tailor, mending whatever garments people bring to him. Swaine's ongoing performance piece began as part of "The Generosity Project: Strategies for Exchange in Contemporary Art." [Link] Imagine the possibilities for your wardrobe...

In the spirit of Knitta, across the pond artist Ulrika Erdes spruces up train seats in Sweden by adding her own cross-stitch pieces to create random acts of embroidery. I love this. I think I love her, too. [Link] (These photographs were part of an exhibition at the Östra Grevie Folkhögskola.)

Style note: I'm trying something different with the links tonight. Like it? Hate it?

That's it for tonight. Jae's bringing home some vegetables, which I crave a lot during these cold, short days. (I'm weird that way.) Then maybe we'll be able to take the night off for a movie after all...

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