Saturday, February 03, 2007

Valentine's Day Locket Show

Through Valentine's Day (Feb. 14th), come to Greenjeans to view a collection of ten one-of-a-kind lockets by four brilliant jewelers. All are here for you to admire, and also available for purchase.

Have a look!

Made by Julie Jerman-Melka in Ft. Collins, Colorado, this locket incorporates a small hollowed-out granite stone with a hinged sterling silver "lid" set with beautiful semi-precious stones. A slim gold latch safely holds a lock of hair or other sweet remembrance inside.

Erica Schlueter of Verona, Wisconsin, crafts her jewelry from sterling silver and bi-metal (silver-backed gold) and assembles it with tiny rivets. The texture in the metal is created when Erica runs the metal through a press with fabric. Scroll down to see how this locket works...

Erica's locket open. We all love the Blues Brothers, but this photo can be replaced with one of your own. (Instructions included.)

This highly-detailed locket by Kimberly Navratil-Pope (Bozeman, Montana) features a lovely vintage image of a Japanese woman. The image cannot be removed, but who would want to?

Lockets by the fourth jeweler, Eija Lindsay of New Paltz, New York, will be arriving soon. I'll post about them mid-week!

We have lots of other wonderful jewelry and gifts in store for your Valentine or for yourself, so come in or visit Greenjeans Online and fall in love!

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