Friday, February 16, 2007

Scarves that Change the World

We are very excited to introduce new work by Hiroko Kurihara, a California-based designer and artisan who makes incredibly appealing scarves and blankets from luxurious, responsibly-sourced lightweight wool. The colors are rich, the sewing superb, the texture soft (not at all scratchy), and the designs... let's just say if you can look at these and not develop immediate cravings to have one for yourself, you're a lot stronger than me!

Hiroko's scarves and blankets are about a lot more than just their beautiful look, though. Through her Blanket Share Project, Hiroko makes and donates a scarf or blanket (made from recycled polar fleece) to a homeless person for every blanket and scarf she sells. By partnering with homeless shelters in the vicinity of the shops that carry her work, she is able to extend her goodwill to people in need all over the country.

(We have not finalized which homeless shelter to work with in Brooklyn, but are considering the women's shelter at the armory on 8th Ave. between 14th and 15th Streets, which is up the street from the shop.)

Likewise, for each of the "Branch" scarves she sells, she plants a tree. Talk about bang for your buck!

Decisions, decisions...

From left: branch, sauntering squares, flow (bricks-n-chestnut), at the fringes, and flow (pacific northwest coast)

To read more about Hiroko, her beautiful business philosophy, and to see more designs, click here. We have scarves at Greenjeans right now (priced $80-$215). If you are interested in blankets, we will soon have a samples at the shop; all blankets will be done by order.

We are very happy to welcome Hiroko to Greenjeans!

Also, just a reminder that 12 items in Greenjeans Auction House are live for bidding until Sunday at 9pm!

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