Sunday, September 30, 2007

Etsy's ACC Talk Blogcast Trailer

Etsy has posted a cool short video they shot during the talk I gave at the American Craft Council with Rena Tom (Rare Device) on Sept. 20th. It isn't a video of the talk itself, but rather people talking about the ACC and craft and the Salon series, kinda like a trailer. Rena, Jae, and I are all in it, along with Lee Eagle, the former chair of the ACC board who sponsored the Salon series, and Andrew Wagner, the new editor of American Craft magazine. It's pretty cool!

Watch it here!

Rena and I will be posting our tips and links from the talk very soon, and I'll also be posting my review of the new American Craft magazine, a short video of Matt Eskuche blowing glass, and a report from Good Magazine's anniversary bash last night, so stay tuned!

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