Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fun and Re-arranging on a Rainy Saturday

Last night, after 2 months of having zero time to unpack or "feather the nest" in any way, I finally was able to spend a few hours settling into our new apartment. I could have started with the messy, box-filled bookcase looming in the living room, or the stacks of boxes littering the bathroom, something high-profile like that. But instead I headed to my closet, 'cause nothing's more depressing than opening up a disaster-area of a closet every day. Well, almost nothing...

Today it's rainy and gray, and if I were at home I'd put some upbeat New Orleans jazz on the stereo and tackle my desk and perk up some corners. But instead, I'm here with Jae at Greenjeans munching a sandwich from Almondine and snacking on berries, listening to Green Day, and cruising online videos for a bit of entertainment before I start working in earnest. Rainy Saturdays tend to get off to a slow start in Park Slope!

In the spirit of it being a perfect day for cleaning and rearranging, I offer you some fun, short stop-action films made by our friend Shawn Liu, starting with one about rearranging their office. Then it's off for a drive through Taipei, and finally a little swing dancing in the subway!

Iridesco office rearrangement from shawn on Vimeo.

Taipei, Taiwan from shawn on Vimeo.

Subway swing dancing from shawn on Vimeo.

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