Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Opening Party for “Garbage Collection” Wednesday Night at Greenjeans!

Come to Greenjeans this Wednesday night (6-9pm) to celebrate the opening of "Garbage Collection," our fall exhibition!

MEET the artists Matthew Eskuche and Anders Bergstrom

TASTE savory treats from Park Slope's delicious Applewood restaurant

GET a free copy of the relauch issue of American Craft magazine

SIP Jae's deeeelicious sangria

SHARE in the merriment!

All are welcome, kids too!

Link to the press release...

Anders (right) lunches with me and Jae during installation on Monday.

Matt is, as I write, in the process of completing over 100 brand new pieces to comprise 8 works of grouped glass sculptures for the show. They will be the latest in his recent series dealing with post-consumer waste for which he creates prodigious replicas of crushed cans, bent water bottles, juice containers, and wine corks freehand from flameworked borosilicate glass. Some of of them will even be mirrorized! The 8 works are made up of anywhere from 3 to 70 pieces, and prices start at $550. I cannot wait to see them -- I'm sure they're going to be absolutely gorgeous (and I suspect they're going to sell fast). Matt's due to arrive from Pittsburgh late Tuesday night with his work hot out of the studio, and we'll be setting up Wednesday, hopefully finishing in time for the opening!

Anders' prints, drawings, and paintings on found paper are all at Greenjeans ready to be hung. We weren't expecting this, but the 30 works we selected to show comprise a de facto 15-year retrospective of his garbage-themed work -- very exciting! In light of this, and because I just think they're interesting, I'm including some of the copper and linoleum plates he used to make prints in the show, as well as some early drawings and a photocopy of the old Dutch painting of a dead hare strung up by the feet that inspired the series of hanging cans. There are a lot of great pieces in the show, and many prints are under $100. I am personally in love with the little monotypes of discarded newspapers printed in blue on brown paper bags... Which to choose?

This will be a great show, and we'd love to see you on Wednesday night!

Posted by Amy Shaw.

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