Friday, March 14, 2008

Making Triangles for "The Postcard Says" Project

Judy and Shawn of Five and a Half recently launched a neat project called "The Postcard Says." They sent out 400(!) postcards with a task described on the back, and recipients do the task and take pictures of the results, then send them in to be posted to the project's website.

Not one to turn down fun mail, I signed up and a week later received a postcard inscribed with the following instructions:

"Use your body parts to make as many triangles as possible. Ask a friend to do the same. Share notes. Take pictures of your favorite poses."

I immediately thought it would be fun to do with my friend Mia and called her to plan a Triangle Day.

Three weeks passed, dates got rescheduled, but finally today we got to spend the afternoon together in Prospect Park and make triangles, with some assistance from stuff we found around the park. We made more triangles at her apartment and later tonight at a restaurant with Jae. You can see them all in the Flickr set.

It was really fun to play instead of work for a whole afternoon -- I forget that good play does wonders for the work-addled spirit -- so thanks for inspiring that, guys!

Click here to see the rest of our pictures ---

(Note: Sign-up for the project is now closed, but they seem to have future projects in mind. Pictures will start going up on the project's website next month...)

Posted by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.
Photos by Amy Shaw and Mia Miller.

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