Saturday, March 01, 2008

Admiring the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, OR

Today we received the latest newsletter from the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, Oregon.

I don't usually get so excited by a newsletter, but their exhibitions and programs all sound so creative and interesting, we wish we lived close by!

There's just something about the place that makes us feel like they're getting it right and doing something very important for the future of craft.

For example, one of their current exhibitions, The Living Room (closing March 23), offers a fresh take on how to present craft objects in a museum setting. Curated by Namita Wiggers, "objects in traditional museum cases are exhibited next to works incorporated into a constructed contemporary domestic setting. This third and final installation examines eco-modernism, linking eco-consciousness, a philosophy of re-use, an organic palette and the impact of Orientalist philosophy on mid-century modernism." It sounds absolutely fantastic!

If you're in or around Portland, make a point to check out the museum (and its brand new building) sometime and let us know about your experience. Or if you already love the MCC, leave a comment here to share with those of us who live far away what your favorite thing is about it.

You can sign up to receive their newsletter yourself here, and check out their wonderful website,

Posted by Amy Shaw. Image sourced from the newsletter and here.

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melania said...

check this upcoming exhibit out!