Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vacation Season - Taking a Virtual Holiday

It is the height of vacation season. The neighborhood is empty of locals and full of tourists. Friends are out of town. Double-decker buses packed with sight-seers pass by my window over the Manhattan Bridge, flashing pictures of the city at night.

Surrounded as I am by the wonders of New York City, I find myself beset by wanderlust because as much as I've wanted to, I just haven't managed to get away this summer. I work a lot, and though I do take a day off here and there, I haven't done much traveling lately.

So tonight I decided to go through the vacation pictures I've taken over the past few years, most of which were road trips to visit artists and artisans for Greenjeans, or weddings, or both. (Most of which, too, were taken during an apparently prolific period of travel in the late summer/early fall 2006. Yup, it's been a while!) It didn't cure my wanderlust, but it was pleasant and did slake my thirst.

In case you have wanderlust too, here are some links to blog postings and Flickr sets from Greenjeans vacations past. Enjoy the trip!

Milwaukee - inc. Wisconsin State Fair
Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin
Chicago - inc. Asian ceramics at the Art Institute & Millennium Park

Hudson, NY - inc. storefronts on Warren St.
Fall in Vermont and NH - inc. taxidermy-filled general store in northern VT

Bread & Puppet Museum in Glover, VT (Oct 06) * a favorite!!

For links to all the Virtual Studio Visits, which include even more pics, click here.

(If you'd like to share pics of your summer vacation, please do! Maybe leave a link in the comments...)

Posted and photo of Taliesin by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.

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