Friday, August 01, 2008

An Extra Hand

At one point during the salon at the American Craft Council last week, Bruce Metcalf made a comment about all the useless scraps he has from his jewelry-making. Co-panelist Chanel Kennebrew challenged him to use the scraps to make new work, or even sell them on Etsy. When Chanel asked the audience, perhaps rhetorically, who would love to have some of Bruce's scraps, dozens of us raised our hands enthusiastically, so Bruce offered to send free scraps to anyone who signed up at the end of the discussion. Naturally, I added my address to the list.

Fast-forward to yesterday: in my mailbox I found a small padded envelope postmarked Pennsylvania. I opened it up, and tucked inside was this amazing carved wooden hand and a note from Bruce: "This is for every time you need an extra hand." I was so impressed not only with the carving itself, but with Bruce's quick follow-through. And besides that, I think it's my favorite piece of mail so far this year! It totally made my day. I put the hand amidst a little grouping of wooden things I have in my living room, and I love it. Thank you, Bruce!

And wow, how I sure could use an extra hand these days! (Well, couldn't we all?) I have been swamped by a freelance writing/editing project these past two weeks which has kept me from jumping into a VERY exciting new project for Greenjeans (which I'll tell you about soon). And there are so many other new projects I'm dying to get into... but just can't get enough done in a day to feel like I'm on top of everything.

Maybe this little wooden hand grants wishes. If it does, I wish for infinite energy and focus, and a clone of myself...

One thing I'd have the clone do is put together the next issue of the Greenjeans Gazette, which I'm totally late with. Having completely missed the July issue at this point, I guess I'll do a combined July/August edition and shoot to get it out next week.

In any case, we will be a the Brooklyn Flea on Sunday with toys and ceramics, and hopefully the weather will be nice. Til then!

Posted and photo by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.

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