Saturday, April 21, 2007

Notes on a Sunny Saturday

Everyone is out and about today, enjoying the flowering trees and warm sunshine. Spring skirts flirt down 7th Avenue, and kids on trikes pedal by slowly without a care in the world. We are trying to think of how we can move the whole shop into the park for the summer so we can enjoy the sunshine, too!

Today, a few mentions of goings on:

:: Photography and writing from Uganda
Writer (and Jae's cousin) Kyu-Young Lee is in Uganda for a few weeks with Chien-Chi Chang, a great photographer from Magnum Photos, documenting the story of malaria in that country. Kyu is documenting the trip in a fascinating blog. Kyu works for Millennium Promise, a nonprofit organized by Jeffrey Sachs that, in partnership with Columbia University's Earth Institute and the UN Development Programme, is working to eradicate extreme poverty.

:: Earth Day is Sunday
Check out the concerts, rallies, and events going on near you. Or at least remember to recycle and turn off the water when you brush your teeth...

:: WorldChanging blog: "Phthalate Phthreat"
Have you heard of phthalates (pronounced "thalates")? Did you know they're in loads of consumer products (including polymer clay, vinyl shower curtains, and teething rings) but may be damaging to our health? Read more about them in my recent post for WorldChanging, as I review a piece by New York editor Emily Gertz from Plenty magazine.

:: Greenjeans Auction ends Sunday at 9pm
Check out the 10 items up on the block, and place your bids! 10% of auction proceeds go to the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity.

:: Happy Birthday, Mary Anne!
Ceramics artist Mary Anne Davis is celebrating "a big" birthday today. Wishing you a beautiful day and a creative, healthy, and fulfilling year!


hr_g said...

is that photo from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens?

Greenjeans Adventure said...

Nope, Jae took it right outside the shop. It's our friendly neighborhood pear tree!

Mad said...

Thanks for the birthday wish, fair lady! xo - mad