Thursday, April 05, 2007

Military Tank Cozy (& other BIG knitting)

Saw this tonight on Whip Up...

It's by Danish artist Marianne Joergensen. The "tank cozy" was created from 4000 pink knitted and crochet squares created last year by volunteers and stitched together on site. It presently stands outside Nikolaj Contemporary Art Centre in Copenhagen. I think the title is "Pink M.24 Chaffee."

For more pictures and to read more about the project, click here.

Don't know if this is associated with the work of U.S. anti-war group Code Pink, but it sure doesn't leave one wondering about the artist's position on the war!

Yet another example of craft in service of peace. (Although, come to think of it, no one really uses craft to serve war!)

I'd love to do an exhibition with this tank along with work by...

(tagging sign posts, benches, and other public structures with knitting)

Ming Yi Sung
(prodigious crocheted gardens of earthly delights, and scarves)

Knitting Nation
(Liz Collins' events in which she and a crew make enormous knit objects, like this flag)

David Cole
(those are real cranes knitting a flag outside of Mass MoCA)

Craft rulz!


hr_g said...

This is friggin' brilliant...the genius of inverting the aggression of graffiti into something that doesn't mark but ((HUGS)) objects!

Laserlight said...

>(Although, come to think of it, no one really uses craft to serve war!)

You've never seen a katana, I take it, or medieval Islamic armor, or Renaissance era guns? How about the Revolutionary War era ship Constitution?--it'd be hard to say that the men who built her weren't craftsmen.

Greenjeans said...

You're totally right, Laserlight. As I re-read the quote you're responding to here I realized I was not really thinking it through at all. Thanks for the comment!