Saturday, April 07, 2007

News from the Indie Craft Frontier

Last weekend the first Craft Congress convened in Pittsburgh. The meeting drew together a serious group of who I'd call "craftsters" (makers, organizers, bloggers, etc. that make up the indie craft community) from all over the country. I did not attend, but Christy Petterson, co-editor of, wrote a great recap on her blog here. Check it out!

In other indie craft news, the much-anticipated Indie Craft Documentary is reportedly complete, and an 8-minute trailer is available to view online or right below here. Officially titled Handmade Nation: The Rise of D.I.Y. Art, Craft & Design, the film is due for a March 2008 release. If you haven't been following the incredibly dedicated and comprehensive work of filmmakers Faythe Levine & Micaela O'Herlihy, you can catch up with them here.

Craft on!


tongue in cheek said...

Wonderful link! I loved he filming of it, the conversations, thoughts expressed and the music!

Indie Craft Documentary said...

Hey! Thanks for the shout out on the documentary!! The music is by my band called wooden robot!

xo, faythe levine

Indie Craft Documentary said...

Hi. Thanks for the shout out about the documentary! The music is by my band Wooden Robot!

xo, Faythe