Monday, April 30, 2007

Interview with Greenjeans on Hear, Hear

Earlier this year, Shawn Liu, our friend and co-owner of Iridesco, interviewed us for his online publication Hear, Hear.

He began his questions by asking, "You guys are really young. How and why did you decide to start Greenjeans and take on the responsibility of running a retail store?" Link to the full interview here.

As we enter into our third year of business, it was great to sit down with Shawn and reflect on our experience starting and running Greenjeans. Thank you for this great piece, Shawn!

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hrsj said...

Thank you for informing others about the importance and value of handmade things. I first heard of you when you were highlighted in American Craft magazine for the opening of Greenjeans. Keep up the fantastic work!