Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Inspiring Beginnings of Pritam & Eames

Pritam and Eames is a highly respected and successful gallery of studio furniture in Easthampton, NY. Though we've yet to make a visit ourselves, Jae and I have come to hold a reverent opinion of the gallery based on the reverence with which craftspeople we admire talk about them. They handle work by the best studio furniture makers in the country and have been around long enough to become an institution. We admire their good reputation, high standards, and longevity, and aspire to a version of this for Greenjeans.

So it was incredibly inspiring and encouraging to read about how this husband and wife started on a shoestring with a gleam in their eye and passion in their hearts and, as it sounds, not much else! (Hmmm, we can relate to that!)

Their story, engagingly written by co-founder Bebe Pritam Johnson and punctuated with great photos, posted this week on the Furniture Society's blog. Pritam also makes a very strong and important case for the role and power of furniture as something that can perhaps only be experienced through use, and not so much when the furniture is on a pedestal in a museum and therefore removed from life.

I think you'll like reading this story. Thanks to FS and the writer for sharing it!

[Link to the story here]

[Click here to see the amazing work on view now at Pritam & Eames]

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david richardson said...

Thanks for the link Amy. Keep those archives so you can tell your success story in 25 years.