Sunday, August 19, 2007

We're Gonna be on TV!

Tune in to the The Early Show on CBS on August 29th to catch a relationship piece about husband-and-wife business partners featuring me and Jae!

It all happened very quickly, and quite out of the blue, (and no we don't have a publicist!). Last week, we got an email from a woman named Amy Kean asking if we are a couple in business together with the words "CBS Early Show" in the subject line. Thinking it might be spam, I replied "Yes!" and figured that was it. But within minutes Amy called the shop and talked to a very surprised Jae, whom I hadn't told about the email yet. It all sounded legit and kinda fun, and the next thing we knew, we had made a date for CBS to come to our very not-unpacked-yet apartment (we moved a couple weeks ago) for an interview!

Amy had found out about us by googling "brooklyn entrepreneur husband and wife" and finding Shawn Liu's recent interview with us for his small business blog, Hear, Hear. She said that she'd considered asking some higher-profile husbands and wives in business, but decided she'd rather go with someone who hadn't had as much publicity yet. How lucky is that?!

The interview took place this past Friday morning, with the producer, cameraman, sound guy, and Amy arriving at 9:30am sharp. They were all very nice people and we had good fun with the shoot. We'd spent time the night before trying to make our box-filled apartment look somewhat less like a disaster area, and researching online what to wear for TV. (Ok, it was mostly me concerned about that one!) By the time they arrived, we had our hair nicely groomed and noses powdered, and were ready to roll. Amy asked lots of great questions and we did our best to be honest and charming.

After a couple hours in the apartment, we went down to Brooklyn Bridge Park where they filmed us casually strolling along the river. It's not that easy to stroll casually on command, but we did our best.

Finally, we came up to the shop where they filmed us helping some (very patient and understanding) customers and just "doing what we do" in the shop.

In all, the taping took about 4 1/2 hours, and by the end we were completely exhausted. But later in the day, Amy and Joe Long (the producer) told us we'd done a great job and had given them excellent material to work with. Yay!

It was a totally strange yet wonderful experience to be movie (ok, television) stars for half a day, and we're very very grateful to Joe and Amy for selecting us for their piece! It'll be interesting to see how they boil all the footage down into a 3-5 minute piece. Guess we'll see on the 29th! (And I'll be sure to post it on the blog if I can get a digital copy...)

Photo: I didn't think to take any pix during the shoot (rats!) but found this one of the Mike Teavee scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory here.

Posted by Amy Shaw


S-JY said...

Yay! Congratulations! Will set my VCR for sure!

hrsj said...

That is so exciting Amy! I hope it will introduce even more people to your gallery. What a great opportunity!

Mad said...

Very cool. Hooray for tivo!

Mark said...

Very cool, guys! Congrats!

Beth said...

Congrats! You two deserve this publicity for sure. Mac and I will be watching! :)

Anonymous said...

How exciting to have celebrities in the family! This is just another stepping stone in your whirlwind adventure! Congrats! Melinda and the entire NH gang!!!