Friday, August 10, 2007

Studio Visit: Kit Cornell, potter

During my recent week in New Hampshire I traveled to Exeter for a visit with potter Kit Cornell.

We always try to go to Kit's when we're in the area not only to select new work for Greenjeans, but also to spend time with one of the most thoughtful, politically-engaged, and community-active craftspeople we know. She is a great conversationalist, and she always makes us the nicest tea!

For those of you who love her pottery, be sure to come to this shop this weekend for the best selection of new work!

Here are pictures from my visit this past Sunday (8/5/07). Enjoy!

At right: the glass room filled with pots in Kit's lovely Victorian home, studio, and showroom on High St. in Exeter.

Kit in her showroom.

The showroom at the front of the house.

The studio is in the basement. These shelves are filled with pots ready for the kiln.

New covered salt dishes Kit has been working on.

Kit teaches pottery in her studio as well. These are her students' aprons.

Bags of clay from all over the world. Sometimes Kit digs up clay she finds in the area, too.

A mysterious array of glaze ingredients. Kit concocts her own glazes, and likes to experiment with historical recipes.

Applewood ash to be used for glazes.

Applewood ash glaze samples on stoneware (left) and white clay (right). We have some new pieces in this amazing, almost celadon-colored glaze.

The impressive kiln behind the house, sheltered by a structure inspired by Japanese tea houses.

Kit sitting in the patio area at the back of the kiln/tea house.

The kiln is surrounded by Kit's gardens that are filled with tomatoes, berries, flowers... I ate these raspberries right after photographing them. There's nothing more summery than eating juicy raspberries off the vine that are still warm from the sun!

Used temperature-reading cones playfully wedged into part of the kiln shelter.

Before we looked at pottery, we sat for lemonade, berries, and conversation in Kit's wonderful kitchen.

I've always loved that Kit has a United Nations flag hanging on her front porch. It's hard to see, but there's an "Obama '08" poster in the window, too.

A final shot: Kit finishing a small pitcher.

Thank you for our visit and letting me take so many pictures, Kit. And thank you for making your amazing work and teaching others to make pottery, too!

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