Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Toxin-Free Toys at Greenjeans

While the media is afrenzy with news of more toy recalls due to "potentially dangerous high levels of chemicals and toxins," (see here, here, and here, and for the best-titled article, "Poison Me Elmo," here), parents are more interested than ever in finding healthy toys for their kids.

At Greenjeans, we offer 100% toxin-free wooden toys made by Frank Ridley's Different Drummer Workshop. Every single toy is handmade by Frank in his barn workshop in the woods of Solon, Maine. The toys are solid Maine pine and maple sanded smooth with no varnish, paint, or any other finish on them, so kids can play (and chew!) to their heart's content with no risk of lead poisoning or exposure to harmful chemicals.

From building blocks and choo choo trains to helicopters and rocking horses, every toys is made with care and designed with the developmental needs of children closely in mind.

The bath toys Frank makes do receive a thin coating of varnish that gets sanded in to keep them from mildewing in the bath. And yes, they all float! These are more suitable for kids past the chewing stage.

Many of Frank's toys are available to order at Greenjeans Online, with a broader selection available in the shop. And you can read more about Frank on our blog here.

So if you're looking for presents for kids, consider toxin-free classic wooden toys at Greenjeans!

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hr_g said...

What if I want toxins in my toys? Will there be a, "add toxins" option?