Friday, February 15, 2008

"DIY City" Launches

There's a new online magazine in town!

DIY City launched yesterday, and its first issue is all about NYC.

Featuring a different city each issue, the mag covers tons of ground from craft supply resources to street artists to interviews and peeks inside shops.

Denise Carbonell, one of the quilt makers in our current show "Under-Cover," is also featured in this first issue. Congrats Denise!

The editors say this about the inspiration for the magazine:

"DIY City is an online magazine that celebrates the independent artist and the DIY spirit. The idea for the mag grew out of a need to find art supplies and resources in New York City. NYC was a natural pick for our first issue as it seems that just about everyone moonlights doing some type of creative work. DIY, or do-it-yourself, has a broad range of meanings. For us it represents the creative spirit of individuals making things in a move away from mass production. Some of the DIYs we've met make wares to give or trade with others, while many others make them to sell in the ever growing DIY marketplace."

The online magazine format is a little odd to get used to -- there's so much to see and I'd rather hold it in my hands -- but it's definitely worth checking out. Plus, there's no denying that online is more eco-friendly than paper...

DIY City seems like a great idea. Can't wait for the next issue...

(Hat tip to Supernaturale)

Posted by Amy Shaw.
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