Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valentine's Presents to Warm You Up

What a crazy windy snowy day in Brooklyn! It has been such a mild, easy winter thus far that the bluster and cold seemed to take everyone by surprise. Never mind that last night we walked across the Manhattan Bridge to Chinatown for dinner without needing hats, and on Wednesday it was 60-degrees out. The arctic day today (it's 13 out now) reminds us that global warming isn't so much about warmer days as erratic weather patterns, and to remember to keep doing all we can, each of us individually, to address climate change every day.

On a different note: has your sweetheart asked what you'd like for Valentine's Day, and you've said you don't know? Well, let me help you both out. If I may make a suggestion, remind them of the beautiful wine barrel folding chair you both saw and liked at Greenjeans, or the handsome oval basket that would be perfect for the mail, or the beautiful and unusual piece of jewelry you lusted over... Whatever your desire, find it in Greenjeans' Online Shop and email the URL to your sweetie so they can pick it up or order it in time for Thursday delivery!

Because even when they wind's howling and your feet are frozen, a present from Greenjeans will warm you right up!

If you haven't yet, check out "Under-Cover," our winter exhibition featuring small quilts by 16 quilt artists and new sculpture by Jane Kaufmann!
Posted and photo by Amy Shaw.

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