Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In Baltimore, Blogging About Philly

I JUST completed the powerpoint portion of the presentation I'll be giving tomorrow morning at ACC Baltimore, and thought it might be nice (before I hit the pool and sauna in our hotel) to share some pictures from Philadelphia.

Jae and I were in Philly on Sunday and Monday to catch the Buyer's Market of American Craft. We found some wonderful new artisans there who I can hardly wait to share with you... You'll see what we found later this week ('cause I don't have pics just now!)

Our Brooklyn friends Anders and Ken had decided to have a guys weekend in Philly, so we met up with them for dinner Sunday night. We found an AMAZING Mexican restaurant, Las Bugambilias, totally regional home-cookin' lovingly prepared and served in a homey space filled with vintage photographs of Mexican movie stars. The perfect food was served on handmade stoneware dishes (pictured above. They were all signed on the bottoms, I checked...). After dinner I retreated to the hotel so the guys could go do whatever it is that guys do on a Sunday night in Philly...

As I said, we're in Baltimore now and will be until Friday. It's unlikely that I'll blog again before then, but when I do I'll share all the tips and links I mention in tomorrow's talk! Til then, enjoy these pics!

Me, Jae, and Ken at Las Bugambilias. (Taken by Anders.)

A detail of the phenomenal bricolage/mosaic house Magic Gardens.

We window shopped the antique shops along lovely Pine Street. I liked this old cash register and lamp with a glass shade that looks like fabric draped over the bulb.

A very old cemetery on Pine St. These gravestones date back to the Revolutionary War.

Jae strolling up ahead of me. Such a pretty neighborhood!

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