Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brooklyn Flea - Lumin's Pics 5/25/08

This weekend, I handed the camera over to Miss Lumin to shoot the things around the Brooklyn Flea she found most interesting for the blog. (She's a real life photographer -- check out her website!)

[Note: our next date at the Flea is June 8th...]

Here Jae and I are greedily sampling soft tacos from one of the Red Hook Ballfield vendors (before the throngs arrived -- the lines were riiiiiiidiculous all afternoon!)

It was sunny and hot and I got a sunburn (curses on you, inadequate SPF 15!) but we had fun, as always.

Here are Lumin's pics (and sorry I don't have links for them... You'll just have to come to the Flea to find these cool vendors yourself!)

I took this picture of some cute tykes playing with the toys on the astroturf in our booth before the day got busy.
And here's Lumin chillin' in a chair during the hot afternoon.
Thank you, Lumin, for your help and your pictures!

See you at the Flea on June 8th!

Posted by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.
Photos by Lumin Wakoa and Amy Shaw.

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