Saturday, October 25, 2008

Amy's Faves at the Brooklyn Flea

Looks like we're in for a fantastic day tomorrow -- sunny, mid-60s, a perfect day for grazing, shopping, and people-watching at the Brooklyn Flea!

I have been so focused on the Furniture Festival (did I mention tomorrow's the last day?) that I haven't been posting much about all the other great stuff cropping up at the Flea these days. So in anticipation that YOU will want to come tomorrow, here's my guide to the best of the Flea.

Follow along with the booth layout here if you want to plot your course.

Oh, and if you're working on your Halloween costume, need I say the Flea is THE place to find what you need? See this incredible gold lame cape recently spotted... Space Princess, anyone?

Here's my usual day of eating at the Flea. Yes, I'm amazed I eat all this too, but doing the Flea takes a LOT of energy!

During set-up: coffee and muffin from Choice Market (F4)

After set-up
: soft taco (not too spicy!) from Red Hook Ballfield vendor Hernando Martinez (F5) and lots of water

Around noon
: Soup from Artisanal Soups (F1) and a small brick oven pizza from Pizza Moto (F2)

Around 2:00
: Another coffee from Choice, plus a homemade cannoli from Salvatore Bklyn (E1) and/or a mini cupcake (or three) from Kumquat Cupcakery (E4)

An hour before take-down
: a cheese and bean pupusa from Redhook Ballfield vendor Rafael Soler (F6)

After take-down
: burgers from Five Guys in Brooklyn Heights or pasta from Grimaldi's. Or if I'm feeling like something cleaner and am not too tired, we head into Manhattan to Angelica's Kitchen or Soba-ya.

Image sourced from NY Times piece on food at the Flea here.

It's an occupational hazard, but I can't leave the Flea without buying at least something. These vendors are always happy to help feed my addiction:

FDR to JFK (B14)
For well-priced mid-century dishes, kitchen gadgets (everything works!), handbags, paint-by-numbers paintings, and much more, you can't beat the selections offered by ever-cheerful Paula and John.

Un Jour, Georges (L6)
I found the sweetest set of vintage Villeroy & Boch egg cups here a few weeks ago in perfect condition, for $20. Yum! French antiques and brocante share space with George's handmade floral centerpieces and mounted ostrich eggs, and plenty joie de vivre.

Shout Shimmy Records & Jellyroll Vintage (B16 & B17)
What's that awesome song? Wow, I've gotta have that! All your musical prayers will be answered when you visit Larry at Shout Shimmy Records. Jam to the funk while you peruse great vintage duds selected by Amy of Jellyroll Vintage.

Shoe Mine Sale (E25)
My favorite shoe store in Brooklyn, Shoe Mine, is having a blow-out sale at the Flea, and this is the second weekend. Get ready for sick deals of sweet kicks. Temah's famous hand-painted clogs are also on sale -- ridiculous!!

Unbreakable Records (E31)
Dollar records. Amazing selections. 'Nuf said.

LinkPicture from Country Living's recent coverage here.

There is SO much more that makes the Flea great -- the vintage kimonos, the many and varied antiques, the handmade stuff from Etsy sellers, the occasional designer sample or clearance sale.

The key is to just let yourself wander and explore. And keep eating so you don't get tired!

Hope to see you there on Sunday!

Posted and photos by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans unless noted.

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