Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Snacks!

Due to being unexpectedly out of town last Friday, I missed offering you Friday Snacks, my weekly links list. So I'm topping this week's helping with seconds...

Enjoy the Snacks!

Autumn is chrysanthemum season, and here are two very special examples:
LEFT: a diamond and conch brooch by Tiffany & Co. [seen in Nov. 08 issues of Vanity Fair] RIGHT: Skateboard Flower by Ted Hunter [via Craftzine].

Don't miss Alexander Calder: The Paris Years 1926-1933 at the Whitney Museum of American Art. I went to the opening Wed. night and it is WONDERFUL, full of playful, imaginative wire sculpture, line drawings, early abstractions, and his awesome circus, with lots of historical video footage. Thru Feb. 15, 2009.

Craving a a feast of delicious little perfectly-lit paintings? Go see the shamelessly beautiful show Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton at the New Museum. Thru Jan. 11, 2009.

Peek inside the mysterious Brooklyn Navy Yard through photos and video [Via Brownstoner, image from Bluejake].

A recipe to make your own (and my favorite) "Samoa" Girl Scout Cookies [Via Craftzine].

Last but not least, the editors of Living Crafts magazine sent me some sample copies to check out a while back, and I don't think I ever mentioned it. I think it's a wonderful mag: it has the cleverness of Martha with a much warmer, more kid-friendly angle, and conveys the reassuring/edifying mood of Yoga Journal. (Think: how to make Waldorf-y felted wool animals, instructions for a DIY travel candle, and a lovely meditation on what tangled yarn has to teach us.)

I wanted to make practically all of the projects described, and have kept the copies in my "keep" pile over a half dozen mag-sorting binges. Living Crafts is worth checking out for anyone who enjoys making stuff (especially fiber-based), and definitely worth subscribing to if you like doing projects with kids. (It's about $20 for year of quarterly issues.)

Live local? Come check out week 3 of the Fall Furniture Festival this Sunday.

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