Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Snacks!

It's Friday -- enjoy the snacks!

Coverage from London's latest shows: Design/Art London and the Frieze Art Fair from American Craft Magazine's editor Andrew Wagner, and the London Design Festival from Inhabitat. [Bench by Pablo Reinoso at the Carpenter’s Workshop at Design/Art London sourced here.]

Smart perspective on Joe the Plumber from Murketing's Rob Walker. An excerpt: "I think Joe may be acting in the interest not of himself, but of a theoretical future self. When Joe told Obama “I’m being taxed more and more for fulfilling the American dream,” he was, objectively speaking, wrong. He is not being taxed more and more, because he is not fulfilling the American dream.He is dreaming the American dream..." [Image sourced here.]

Speaking of plumbers, before you buy that "authentic wood" toilet seat cover from your local big-box, learn about the illegal international lumber trade in the New Yorker Outloud podcast [via Brooklyn Modern].

Speaking of big box stores, as more and more of them go out of business, USA Today reports on how towns are finding creative ways to reuse them: as schools, senior centers, and even museums. [Image by John Wise.]

Recipe for homemade vegan candy corn from The Urban Housewife, because even vegans sometimes need a holiday sugar fix.

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