Friday, December 05, 2008

Friday Snacks!

It's Friday -- enjoy the snacks!

I love this DIY project -- a little wall paper and paint transform discarded dresser drawers into modular shelving! [Via Craftzine]

One advantage to living in a cold climate: you can make this clever frozen wreath for sweet outdoor holiday decorating. [Via Whip Up]

After the holidays, take those little white lights and string on little flower shapes cut from egg cartons for a poetic "fairy light" garland. (I sure seem to be in a DIY mood this week!) [Via Craftzine]

This Sunday, find us and 49 other eclectic vendors at Gifted, the new indoor holiday market by the organizers of the Brooklyn Flea. We'll have wooden toys galore, and maybe a little jewelry too.
Katie at Color Addict posted a sweet paean to the roasted chestnut on her blog the other day. This time of year, you can buy them from street vendors around Manhattan, or if you're Jae's Mom, you can collect them from under the tree by the town library... Yum!

Posted by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.

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