Monday, December 01, 2008

Gifted, Brooklyn Flea, and Bad Pie Update

Although we were unable to do the first week of Gifted due to some very bad pie (I'm feeling much better now), Jae did stop by during the day yesterday to check it out. The pics are a little blurry but they give an idea of how the Brooklyn Flea's indoor holiday market looks -- warm and full and fun!

We'll be there this coming Sunday (12/7) with a BIG new shipment of wooden toys by Frank Ridley, and maybe some jewelry too.

And speaking of the Flea, there is NEWS: they are moving operations indoors for the rest of the winter due to the unpredictability of December weather. So, for the next three weeks, both the regular Flea vendors (or about 30 of them) plus the holiday fair Gifted will all be indoors at the Masonic Temple directly across Lafayette St. from the Flea grounds.

UPDATE 12/2: The Flea will actually remain OUTDOORS through December. Only GIFTED will take place indoors at the Masonic Temple.

See you at Gifted on Sunday!

Posted by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.
Images by Jae Kim.

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