Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Snacks!

It's Friday -- enjoy the snacks!

Every year I see this Peppermint Bark in the Williams-Sonoma catalog, and every year it makes my mouth water. I know there are recipes out there, but I want THIS Peppermint Bark. It's the kind of thing I'd never buy for myself though... (Secret Santa, if you're reading this...!)

Last Thursday was the opening for Anders Bergstrom: Prints and Recent Work at Abrons Art Center on the Lower East Side. (You might recognize Bergstrom's work from our show Garbage Collection last year.) It's a great-looking show and I'll post more pics of the opening later.
Up through Jan. 2 (and may be extended...)

I made a necklace from one of Bergstrom's limited-edition Can-at-Rest Coasters for the occasion. Pictured here with my favorite of his most recent prints.

I learned last week at said opening that my friend Jessica S. is a blogger too! Her food blog, More Meat, is smart, cheeky, and useful. Check out her awesome ramen noodles hack, transforming the college-dorm standard into exceptional eats for a cold winter's night.

Got a carrot left over from soup-making? Why not make a clarinet? Vegetables become instruments in the hands of these cleaver musicians of the Vegetable Orchestra -- play video to hear a carrot flute, squash drums, and edible horns play a concert. Delicious! [Via Craftzine]

(Note: I may or may not have Friday Snacks next week -- might still be a-Christmassing...!)

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