Thursday, December 11, 2008

Visit to Socrates Sculpture Park

Last Wednesday, Jae and I took a break from the every-day and helped out Cousin Suzy by taking care of her adorable 6-month-old, William, for the day.

Suzy lives down the street from Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens, so we strapped Will into the Baby Bjorn and hiked on over to expose him, and ourselves, to some local art.

The most impressive piece on view there now is a massive installation made from long narrow ribbons of painted wood lashed and bound together by knotted string. It must have taken a loooong time to put this piece up, and the results are totally impressive. Will liked it too.

There is also this monumental trophy sculpture with a REAL painted car on top. Rad! Unfortunately I didn't note either artist's name.

Socrates is an amazing art space in NYC, worth the hike even if you don't have a baby in tow to impress!

Posted and photos by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.

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