Monday, May 04, 2009

Afternoon Snacks!

Crochet Museum

Posted: 04 May 2009 10:33 AM PDT

In Joshua Tree, CA. Rad!

Naked World Gardening Day

Posted: 04 May 2009 08:41 AM PDT

Held annually on May 2nd. Who knew? Next year, community gardens, watch out!!

Live Moss Carpet

Posted: 04 May 2009 08:36 AM PDT

At the Milan Design Fair. I LOVE this.

Summit of Awesome

Posted: 04 May 2009 08:34 AM PDT

Coverage of Day 1 of this weekend-long craft convergence in Washington, DC.

Toilet Paper Roll Art

Posted: 04 May 2009 08:27 AM PDT

Remind me of the apple head dolls people were into making in the 70s.

Bamboo Bikes in Brooklyn

Posted: 04 May 2009 08:23 AM PDT

Two of my favorite entities -- Columbia U's Earth Institute and Bushwick's 3rd Ward -- are bringing developing-country-friendly bamboo bikes to Brooklyn. Talk about worlds converging!

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