Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Fast & Eco-friendly Tarnish Removal

Customers often ask me, "What's the best way to polish silver?"

I recommend this easy, irritant-free, eco-friendlier way to keep SILVER happy and bright, (that's actually FASTER than polishing cloths, dips, or other chemical methods).

BEFORE YOU START: Make sure your jewelry has no glue, paper, or other elements that would be damaged by water. Safe for gemstones, but not pearls and opals.

Line a bathroom SINK (or large bowl) with ALUMINUM FOIL.
Sprinkle with BAKING SODA.
Fill sink with STEAMING HOT WATER.

DROP pieces of jewelry one at a time into the sink.
Make sure ALL SIDES touch the foil.
Let soak 10-20 SECONDS.

Step 3:
REMOVE with chopsticks or tongs.
DRY with paper towel or hair dryer.
Tarnish that doesn't dissolve in the water should come off with a little RUB.

Tarnish in HARD-TO-REACH places?
Try gently scrubbing with TOOTHPASTE and a TOOTHBRUSH.
RINSE and DRY with towel.

Refreshed silver,
without that weird aftertaste.


Christina said...

this is so awesome! I can't wait to get home and try it on a few pieces that have been sitting in tarnish for ages. I can't handle fumey chemicals for polishing so this is great!

nonlineargirl said...

Great - I do the toothpaste part, but then feel a bit mintier than I'd like around the earlobes... Trying baking soda and tin foil sounds better.

Amanda K Lockrow said...

Thanks for sharing this, what a great fix!

mamafrog said...

You can use the cheap, plain, white toothpaste the same way. I just rub it in with my fingers on my rings. My mom has used it to polish her church's silver service.

polynetta said...

Thanx for sharing. This is so great and simple method.:)

Anonymous said...

I hate the smell of Tarnex! thanks for providing this great alternative with things I already have on hand.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip. When i found out, that my two pairs of beautiful earrings had gone all brown, i was so sad. I didn't want to dip them in ammoniac, cos I didn't know what stones there were.
And abut the toothpaste, you can change it for a pice of tin foile tipped in the soda water and scrub with that, works great!