Thursday, May 28, 2009

ICFF 2009 - Part 2 (Cool Materials & Furniture Gone Wild)

In this second installment of my coverage of the ICFF you'll see some interesting materials, dramatic lighting, and my favorite crazy/unexpected finds. Enjoy!

(Part 1, "New-to-me Designers," is here.)


I recognized this gorgeous wall covering, made from pounded tree bark, as the same hanging in Zuzu Ramen in Brooklyn. It's called Barkskin and is made by Caba in Santa Fe. I think it's just delicious.

This oak flooring is heat-treated to bring out the color, then intentionally stress cracked, and then the cracks are filled in with colored epoxy resin. Here the cracks are filled with gray, but they also showed colors like purple and green. Really cool. By Mafi.

Product design company Kikkerland had a great booth built entirely from soup cans. The 3000 cans of soup were later donated to City Harvest. (Image from Kikkerland.)


Dramatic feather lights by U.K. designer Rachel O'Neill.

Lighting built from bundled toothpicks and clear plastic spoons filigreed with tiny holes, by U.K.-based designer Daisuke Hiraiwa.

Love fringe? These lights are for you. By Spain's Fambuena.


These stools are by the same Spanish company that did the zip tie chair shelves, whose name I still can't find... But these are pretty, er, cheeky!

Spanish textile company Gandia Blasco exhibited this huge knitted rug that shows off a variety of textures, stitches, and colors.

For those who take their shoes very seriously, San Francisco-based product designer Fernando Robert devised this clever Shoe Shrine.

If you can't tell what this is, don't feel sheepish. Spotted in the Italian pavilion on a slowly rotating platform, it is a chair in the form of a sheep! The metallic leather upholstery is embellished with a gold sheep's head on the green side, and the red side looks like the rump. It is unique to say the least!

Next up, the 3rd and final installment including:
- Notables by Greenjeans' Faves
- Highlights from the Japanese Pavilion

Posted and images (unless noted) by Amy Shaw for Greenjeans.

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