Saturday, March 25, 2006

Good for a Few Laughs

Grist Magazine is not the place I usually go for laughs -- their environmental news and commentary is informative and smart, but it isn't really that funny. But today I came across a post by local writer and Greenjeans friend Emily Gertz that mentioned another blog called Overheard in New York that is quite funny. She wrote:

Judging from this quip recently overheard in New York at the West 4th Street subway station, the Environmental Defense + Ad Council's new Fight Global Warming ad campaign can't start soon enough:

Girl: ...I mean, who doesn't like being warm? It's not like they call it "Global Sweltering"! So who cares?

Emily's point is well-taken. But I'd never heard of this blog, so I clicked on the link and within seconds I was in a fit of laughter over the truth-is-stranger-than-fiction quotes. I'm not talking about little smirks of recognition that something's funny. I mean belly laughs. (Ok, I've been said to have a kind of dorky sense of humor, but anyway...)

Most of the quotes posted involve sexual innuendo or profanity, but not all of them. One that is even somewhat craft-related, headlined "None of that Drag Queen Lassie Crap," runs like this:

Man: Those are some fine-lookin' sweaters!
Old lady: Do you like them? I made them, you know.
Man: You made those?
Old lady: I did.
Man: Do you think you could make one for him?
Old lady: I would be delighted!
Man: But, you know...I, for a boy chihuahua.

Ok, these aren't the funniest ones I read, but this is a family show and I'm trying to keep it clean. You'll just have to check it out for yourself if you haven't seen it before. Because laughter is good for you and overhearing unbelievable stuff in New York is one of my favorite things about living here.

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