Thursday, March 09, 2006

Greenjeans’ 1-Year Anniversary Today!

How time flies… We can hardly believe where we were a year ago today, frantically installing the long wooden shelves with Dad, putting the finishing touches on our bumble bee yellow wall, and cleaning up fast before opening the doors to the public for the very first time. We had so little inventory that the shop looked almost… conceptual. (For a slideshow of images from those first days, followed by some shots of the shop today, click here.)

Now, one year later, that concept has grown into a healthy young business. When we started, we had no sign, no advertisements, and barely anything to sell. In fact, Greenjeans consisted of work by exactly four artisans, whom we mention with many many thanks: Jeff Brown, Kit Cornell, Jane Kaufmann, and Chris Rom & Geoff Buddie. Those early days were all pottery and felted wool, which evidently makes for a good start!

Today we represent nearly 50 artisans working in more than a dozen different media. We’ve gained the attention of publications ranging from the local (The Park Slope Reader) to the national (American Craft, Natural Home & Garden) to the international (Metropolis). And we’ve welcomed thousands of customers who have purchased hundreds of beautifully handcrafted items. Folks must be enjoying the furniture, toys, jewelry, pottery, books, and other works they’ve found here, for in a year we’ve only had one return.

Along the way, we’ve met and learned from many wonderful people and made many new friends. We are grateful to those who have shared with us advice, resources, and time. And we are grateful to those who have lent their generous support as we build Greenjeans’ foundation strong and true.

So today as we celebrate our first anniversary, we would like to say Thank You, all of you, for supporting independent business, valuing fine handcraft, and helping to make the first year of Greenjeans a joy and success. As we enter into Year Two, we wish you all peace, prosperity, good health, and joy.

With many thanks and many blessings, - Amy & Jae

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