Thursday, March 30, 2006

Susan Pratt-Smith's Jewelry (Finally) Shines!

[Click here to view available work by Susan Pratt-Smith]

Our jewelry displays arrived today, and I have started slowly introducing them to the jewelry in the shop. My plan is to display each jeweler's work against fabric that best show off the pieces, which means lots of customizing by yours truly.

For instance, Erica Schlueter's work will be mounted on wire mesh screens covered in orange-ish silk shantung, and Alana Dlubak's on board covered by soft white jersey, possibly with a white lace overlay. New artisan Alison Mackey (of Park Slope!) will have her jewelry set off by grass green silk. And I'm looking for some nice antique burlap to highlight Connie Verrusio's pieces. I had a blast at Mood Fabrics in the garment district last week finding just the right materials for these displays and am excited to go home tonight and start working on them!

I didn't need to do anything to the standard-issue black velvet displays I got for Susan Pratt-Smith's work though, so I put those up today. We thought of doing something more inventive, but her amazing dichroic glass jewelry really looks best on black velvet. Susan's jewelry has been ill-served by its flat location on the North shelves since it's all about the play of light in the glass. It looks much better now brightly lit in the jewelry case, as you can see in this photo. Finally, Susan's work shines like it's meant to! (For close-ups, click here.)

I'll post more pictures of jewelry all gussied up in its new displays as I complete them. We'll be getting in work by six new jewelers over the coming months, so look for that here too.

This Spring, the jewelry at Greenjeans is really gonna POP!

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rena said...

go amy and the sewing machine!!!

btw a great resource for wacky fabric scraps is baltic bazaar on atlantic ave, they are a non-profit to boot.