Saturday, March 11, 2006

When the Weather's Springing Like This...

... what else can one even think of to blog about?

All of a sudden, yesterday New York turned into Spring. Today's the second day of happy sunshine and temperatures in the low 70s. Everyone is out strolling and smiling and enjoying light jackets and even flip flops! Winter seems like it maybe never even happened. (Which granted it barely did this year, but still.)

My friend, Mia, reported to me yesterday that the crocus bulbs she planted last fall, the ones we gave as favors at our wedding, were coming up in her back yard! Nothing but NOTHING signals the start of Spring for me like the popping up of crocuses. I was so inspired by her news and the weather yesterday that I totally recreated the shop window around a theme of daffodils. The picture above is a detail -- yellow kites, yellow books, sunny ribbons, and smiles.

However, while singularly wonderful, Spring is the least reliable season here. A friend once aptly described Spring in New York not as a season at all, but rather as those few glorious days sprinkled nonconsecutively in between Winter and Summer. And to be sure, soon enough we'll be languishing in the dog days of 90-degree heat and humidity. That is, if we don't get hit with another snowstorm first!

And so today, while it is here, let us celebrate and revel in the joy of Spring!

Sweet springtime is my time is your time is our time
for springtime
is love time
and viva sweet love!
- e e cummings

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Mary Anne Davis said...

Daffodils are among my favorite flowers. Where I live, the hillside was planted over a 25 year period with thousands of daffodils. When spring hits fully, it is a glorious landscape. Another reason I love daffodils is because the day my son was born (at home on Bleeker street) my neighbor left us about 40 daffodils in a beautiful blue vase on our doorstep. Ah!! Lovely-