Thursday, March 16, 2006

Table Art by Mary Anne Davis

On her blog today, ceramicist and artist Mary Anne Davis (see previous post) whom we represent here at Greenjeans, posted this wonderful table setting concept. Mary Anne is inspired by the table as art, and her imagining of what that means comes through beautifully in this picture. All our dinnertimes should be so artfully rendered!

We have pieces by Mary Anne here at the shop, and can always order anything else from her that you fancy in any of the 12 colors and endless patterns she works in.

So if you're feeling that your table could use an aesthetic lift, this vivid porcelain tableware is just the ticket. We can help you customize a truly unique and memorable set of dinnerware that will knock the socks off you and your guests. Or if you aren't ready for that kind of commitment, try a new set of soup bowls in lime and blue, a rainbow assortment of new dinner plates, or a cluster of seed and pod vases in the center that coordinate with your existing tableware.

But be warned: this tableware just might inspire singing at the table...

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Mad said...

Wow! Thanks! I guess this is a good idea...