Thursday, November 09, 2006

Democracy Returns, & "It's Hard Work"

Well, the Democrats have finally done it, they've achieved a majority of seats in BOTH the House and the Senate! (More about the busts pictured here in a minute.)

Since Tuesday night, people I've talked with have all expressed a sense of relief, an opening up, a burden off their shoulders. A friend stopped by tonight with her Mom who threw her hands up and declared, "We live in a democracy again! We have options! It feels great!" Another friend summed it up this way: "For the last six years we've been watching our country slide closer and closer to being a fascist state, so yeah, it's a huge relief!" (I guess I haven't been talking with too many Republicans the last few days...)

It's all very exciting, and though we don't know what will happen next, there is a great sense of hope in the air. We'll be watching closely...

And I want to say this: there has never been a better time to call your representative and tell them what you want them to do! Over the next several weeks, incoming congresspeople, as well as incumbents, will be setting their priorities for 2007 and beyond.

Let them know what you want them to focus on! Is it immigration? Global warming? The war? Education? Health care? Speak up! Y'know, now that they might actually be able to DO something about it. (Click here to find out how to contact your reps, and here for more detailed info about how to most effectively communicate with Congress, including committee leaders, who will all be Democrats soon...)

So wheeling back 'round to craft, what better time to introduce you to a recent arrival I've been meaning to blog about? (I'm talking about the bust now.) Made by local artist James Williamson and titled "It's Hard Work" this limited edition piece is a spoof on the traditional plaster presidential bust. (I remember the ones of Roosevelt and Lincoln on top of my grandparent's piano.) The rendering is based on photos of 43 squinting in the Rose Garden. On the back you can see "the device" through his jacket. Cast in two-part epoxy resin and finished by hand (James does them one at a time by himself), it is for sale at the shop right now for $100. Come and get it while it's hot!

And here's to Democracy! Woo hoo!

Photos: Top by me, bottom by James Williamson

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