Sunday, November 05, 2006

Greenjeans in the Press

Greenjeans has enjoyed some nice press mentions recently and today we wanted to share the love with you.

:: Brooklyn Record goes batty for Greenjeans

:: Rosen Group's Market Insider newsletter highlights Greenjeans in their November Blog Spotlight

:: Not For Tourists Guide to Brooklyn lists Greenjeans among the fabulous shops of 7th Avenue in Park Slope

:: Time Out New York Kids features Greenjeans among the kid-related shops in Brooklyn's burgeoning South Slope.

From Time Out (pictured right):
The Good is in the Wood
The antique chair and table that stand in place of a cash register counter, plus the collection of folksy furniture, glassware and toys, make Greenjeans seem more like a workshop than a store. Co-owner Amy Shaw says wooden toys by Frank Ridley are big sellers ($7.50-$125). While kids might not appreciate it on an aesthetic level, the tiger maple rocking chair by Shaker-furniture maker Brian Braskie ($560) is a functional work of art. (Tracy Perez, photo by Alexander Milligan)

Many thanks to everyone who gave us a shout-out!

And congratulations to the runners of today's New York City Marathon!

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