Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Me and Greenjeans on Clinton Kelly's Website

Want to know what to wear? At least where jewelry is concerned? Well, if you're Clinton Kelly (of What Not To Wear), you come to Greenjeans!

A few weeks ago, CK scout Nancy came into Greenjeans looking for material for their newly-launching site. She photographed me wearing a pair of Large Orbit earrings by Boston artist Melle Finelli ($140). How flattering!

To see me in my quick moment of glory, go to clintonkelly.com and click on "Good Stuff" (the light green bar at the top). Scroll all the way down -- I'm the first entry on that page, "Art Smart." You'll see props to Bird, the fab lady's boutique down the street here in the South Slope, too.

Thanks, Nancy! And good luck with the CK site!

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