Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Cool Sightings in the Blogosphere

Today, as I work on scanning the AMAZING artist-made cards we'll be debuting later this week for our Greenjeans Holiday Card Project, I've been cruising around the blogosphere and finding some great stuff to share. Enjoy!


Attention knitters! The National WWII Museum in New Orleans is collecting donations of handknit scarves to give to veterans. Knit your bit! (ref. Craftzine)

Attention urban anarchist crafters! Dig this groovy cross walk decal on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn.
(ref. Brooklyn Record. Photo by Vivre)


I read a review in Bust this month of a book called "Building Houses out of Chicken Legs: Black Women, Food, and Power" by Psyche A. Williams-Forson. From the publisher: "Chicken--both the bird and the food--has played multiple roles in the lives of African American women from the slavery era to the present. It has provided food and a source of income for their families, shaped a distinctive culture, and helped women define and exert themselves in racist and hostile environments." It sounds fascinating to me.
(ref. Bust Magazine)

Read some more:
Australia's magazine Artlink has an issue out now called "Handmade: The New Labour Movement." The excellent website Craft Culture has reprinted five articles from the issue, ranging from the contemporary knitting movement to the craft industry in South Africa. (Why don't we have a magazine like this in the States???)

Stop & Go:
I am recently interested in traffic lights vs. stop signs. In Brooklyn's Boerum Hill, residents and drivers are complaining about the newly installed traffic lights that increase horn honking and transit time. Maybe Brooklyn should take a lesson from the Dutch, who recently took away traffic lights in one town in an effort to reduce accidents. And it's working! But maybe Brooklyn doesn't have room for the round-abouts (aka traffic circles) that replaced them. I still like the idea of courtesy saving lives, though. (ref. Brooklyn Record and Treehugger, resp.)

Muse: I love this blog, called Poetry Thursday, kept by a charming group of poetesses. It offers great links and it just may inspire the poet in you. (Photo sourced here.)

Nanowrimo update: Speaking of writing, I'm at 14,267 words and counting... To read an excerpt, visit my profile page here. (And remember: it's unedited!!!)

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