Saturday, July 14, 2007

DIY Windmill in Malawi Kicks!

This is the most kick-ass and inspiring story I've seen in a long time --

This young man in Malawi DIY-ed himself a windmill to power lights and radios for his entire village. He had no formal training or aid from an NGO or microlender. Nope, he did it the old fashioned way: he went to the library and studied the books he found there, and then through trial and error made it work. I love it!

Of course, there are probably lots of stories like this around the world, but usually it's the not-so-good news that gets reported. I read about it on the Grist List, and they read about it on the new-to me blog Inhabitat.

Chalk one up for personal ingenuity!

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vanya said...

I agree !!. I am cutting the article to save and keep for my son. He will be 7 in two months. Such an inspiring story. There is so much talent, wish the media would report more on such stories from around the world.