Sunday, July 15, 2007

Strange Fruit Performance in Brooklyn Bridge Park

On Saturday around sunset, Jae and I went to Brooklyn Bridge Park to see Strange Fruit perform a piece titled "Swoon!" Strange Fruit is a performance troupe from Australia whose work combines dance with mime and clowning (I love that stuff) but with a twist -- they perform strapped to 20-foot tall flexible poles! Forget stilt acts -- this was really above and beyond (yuk yuk yuk)...

I think the work speaks better about itself than I can, so here's a little iMovie I put together for you. As I filmed, I thought it must have felt amazing to be one of the performers, swaying and twirling high in the evening air alongside the majesty of the Brooklyn Bridge... wow! It was a treat for all of us!

Turn on your computer's sound, and enjoy! (Video is 2:32 long.)

Untitled from AesBklyn and Vimeo.

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Cathe said...

What Joy! Whatever your art/craft it's purpose is to bring joy to maker and receiver!
Thanks Amy/ Greenjeans I'd never have seen it otherwise.
Cathe Linton