Saturday, July 07, 2007

Last Call on the Cracker Jack Necklace!


We've had this fabulous one-of-a-kind piece in the shop for a while, and in a week it's going back to its maker, Kimberly Navratil-Pope in Bozeman, Montana.

So I wanted to post about it to give those of you who've been coveting it one last opportunity to own it!

The necklace is made from bits of Cracker Jack boxes set under glass in silver bezels, with bamboo coral beads (which are derived from dead coral found on the beach and dyed red). Kimberly constructs every little bit of the piece, including each bezel, each little bundles of silver "sticks," and the toggle clasp.

We are offering it at $538. To learn more about the piece or to purchase it, call us at 718-907-5835.

To see newly arrived work by Kimberly, scroll down or click here...

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