Friday, July 13, 2007

Gleanings from the Blogosphere

Every now and then, I like to post things I find during my blog wanderings. Here are some nuggets that have captured my attention recently...


Don't miss this amazing arial event on Saturday in DUMBO when Australia’s Strange Fruit Productions presents Swoon! in Brooklyn Bridge Park!

Fusing "theater, dance, and circus, using the unique elevated medium of sway poles," (aweSOME!!!) the company will put on three 20-minute FREE performances at 4:00, 6:00, and 8:00 pm. DUMBONYC posted about it moments ago... (seems we're both late-night bloggers!)

Genius Gray Water Recycling Idea

Sew Green, the green-minded craft and DIY blog based in Australia, posted this great suggestion, a real forehead-slapper: place a bucket in your shower to catch whatever water falls into it (a lot) and use it to water your flowerbeds! It's so smart and I can't believe I've never heard of it before.

I'd use it to flush my toilet -- just pour a bucketful of this "gray water" into the toilet bowl and it'll trigger the flush without using fresh water to fill the bowl. (Once I get myself a good bucket, I'm going to implement this at home fo' sho'!)

Another Australian craft blog, Whipup, posted a photo of this delightful Car Cozy.

The knitter and artist, identified as "Bronwyn," is a Canberra native, who previously created a house cozy (which I'd love to see but amazingly didn't find an image online). It's like a more domestic version of Marianne Joergensen's Tank Cozy!

It will soon be on view at Canberra's Craft ACT: Craft and Design Center, which sounds like an intriguing place and has a great website.

Vintage Belt Floormat

Here's a very DIY-able design posted on Craft magazine's must-read blog. (You can buy it too.)

I find the idea of leather flooring oddly appealing, maybe because it resembles wood but feels softer and warmer.

Tee Shirt Skirt

Craft also posted a tutorial to make this cute and comfy skirt from tee shirts, that even I could make...

Bee Keeping in NYC

Local honey is supposed to be good for seasonal allergy sufferers and general health. But New York City honey? You betcha! Apartment Therapy wrote about it recently. Anyone tried it?

Sushi Bar Video

Not Martha always finds fascinating stuff relating to food and craft on the web. This is a film made by a digital camera set on a rotating sushi bar in Tokyo!

Speaking of sushi, there's an absolutely absorbing piece by Nick Tosches (whose writing I so admire) in the June issue Vanity Fair. I found it illuminating, but evidently it quite annoyed some hardcore foodies...

Ousting the "Designosaurs"

In an effort to bring environmental consciousness to design education, some folks have created Okala, a "robust 18 week course of modules designed to be integrated into existing ID classes." Wendy Bawler wrote a wonderful piece about it for WorldChanging New York that provides a glimpse into a key design world debate.

Heading to Manhattan to hit the divine Mood Fabrics tomorrow to pick out material to use in the display for Summer Succulents, our up-coming jewelry show. Remember: the opening is Thursday night! (I'll post again about it soon...)

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